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April 8, 2009 by rick  
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The following is a list of references.  Most of these are professional colleagues I have worked with at various positions over the years.  The first one is for my most recent supervisor, James Malloy.  I have listed his direct contact information as well as a link to download a recommendation he wrote for me.  Please feel free to contact him at any time.  I also have one other letter of recommendation from a former colleague, Karen Carlson (Geniusz) of PPG.  The others I can provide phone numbers for, upon request.

James Malloy, Vice President of R & D

Kolene Corporation (313) 273-9220

Letter of Recommendation from James Malloy

Karen Carlson - PPG

Letter of Recommendation from Karen Carlson (Geniusz)

Carolin Jones - Marketing Associates

Rodney Briggs - Whirlpool

Mark Perrone - Legal firm


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