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April 10, 2009 by rick  
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You can download my current resume here.  This is an up to date listing of my work background, education, and other skills and accomplishments.  Of course, feel free to contact me via the email link on this site for further information or to set up an interview at your convenience.  In order to download the resume, you can click on the small image of it here above in this post to save it for your review, or just click HERE and that will work as well.

References and Contacts

April 8, 2009 by rick  
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The following is a list of references.  Most of these are professional colleagues I have worked with at various positions over the years.  The first one is for my most recent supervisor, James Malloy.  I have listed his direct contact information as well as a link to download a recommendation he wrote for me.  Please feel free to contact him at any time.  I also have one other letter of recommendation from a former colleague, Karen Carlson (Geniusz) of PPG.  The others I can provide phone numbers for, upon request.

James Malloy, Vice President of R & D

Kolene Corporation (313) 273-9220

Letter of Recommendation from James Malloy

Karen Carlson - PPG

Letter of Recommendation from Karen Carlson (Geniusz)

Carolin Jones - Marketing Associates

Rodney Briggs - Whirlpool

Mark Perrone - Legal firm