Color & Paint Matching Experience

April 11, 2010 by rick  
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I have had experience in color matching in various paint formulations (including powder).  This includes both X-Rite computer aided color matching as well as matching by eye to adjust production batches of paint.  I enjoy working with new formulations as well as optimizing existing paint systems for color and other properties.  Some of this work has also involved replacing certain pigments for better cost and other issues sometimes related to supply.

Developed & Patented an Effective Paint Stripper

April 9, 2009 by rick  
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I developed and have two patents on an environmentally safe and effective paint stripper called Recover 5000.  This organic based chemistry can remove the strongest automotive or industrial paint or coating with no harm to the underlying metal surface.  It is quick and efficient and works on a variety of metals and even plastic materials.  This product has been commercially and successfully used since 2003 at multiple locations in the United States and internationally.  It continues to be a very safe and economical way to remove unwanted paint from various parts and surfaces.


US Patents:  6,855,210 B1 & 7,151,080 B2

Launched Recover Paint Stripper at Multiple Locations

April 7, 2009 by rick  
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The Recover 5000 paint stripping product I developed has been launched and used successfully at six locations so far.  Including some outside the United States in the countries of Canada, Germany and Taiwan (pictured above).  I provided on site technical support for each of these product launches.  This involved handling the training, equipment, and chemical start up procedures.  Each of these product launches went very well and the customers were very pleased with the product.  Below you will see a video I put together featuring the Recover 5000 product and some of the locations that I launched the product at:

Developed & launched an automotive powder primer coating

April 7, 2009 by rick  
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I worked on developing and helped to launch one of the first successful powder based primer paint systems for use on cars & trucks in North America.  This innovative and very environmentally friendly system was very durable and provided an excellent base surface for the automotive top coat.  I spent time in several assembly plants providing technical expertise and assistance during launches at multiple Chrysler plants.  I was responsible for training plant personnel, data tracking, inventory, and other aspects of the plant launches.  The customers were very pleased with the product and professionalism they received.

Worked on a Weather Resistant Clearcoat

April 6, 2009 by rick  
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I performed research and development work on a new highly environmental etch resistant clearcoat for automotive coatings.  Due to the severity of of acid rain these days, a new more protective coating was developed to keep cars shiny and looking new for many more years than ever before.  I received the Henry Ford Technology Award for this product when it began to be used on Ford vehicles.  I also headed up several etch surveys to the Florida area over several years to evaluate environmental etch and fallout on autos in that area where the weather is more severe.

R & D on the first water based basecoat for GM

April 5, 2009 by rick  
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I worked on the team that developed and successfully launched the first water based, environmentally friendly, basecoat system that was put into several General Motors’ assembly plants.  This involved testing, application, and scale up work.  I assisted in all the various laboratory testing, PPAP’s, FMEA’s, and other quality work that was done prior to the launch of this new and innovative product.

Performed water quality testing

April 4, 2009 by rick  
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I spent several years testing drinking water, landfill well samples and industrial waste areas for EPA water quality reporting and other data analysis.  This involved a large variety of chemical test procedures, wet chemistry methods, and sampling procedures.  This meant learning about EPA regulations, RCRA and hazardous waste management and control.  I also trained lab personnel and assigned tasks for multiple shift operations in the lab.